Quality policy


“We see quality holistically. It has to be assured throughout the entire production process, including prompt supply. Customers can recognize it from the ‘High Q Packaging’ quality label. Around the world and around the clock, customers can always rely on the quality we’ve specified.”



Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is where our quality policy is our unerring compass. “High Q Packaging” promises our customers a standardized, integrated quality management system – at all our locations around the world.


For us, quality is a firm conviction.

"High Q Packaging“:
This quality mark sums up what each one of us delivers every day based on our corporate principles. We’re proud of the quality of our products and of the great care our employees invest in developing, producing and marketing them.

Our agile quality management strengthens our company and makes it attractive to customers, business partners and employees. "Agility" means always looking at our processes from every angle and constantly improving them. Our guiding principle here is our own ambition. Simultaneously, we constantly keep an eye on the rapidly growing demands of our customers and their markets.

Our modern corporate culture, sincere and genuine management and continuous improvement process ensure we achieve high quality standards. These standards provide the framework for the activities of every staff member – from shop floor to top management. And that ensures the quality of our company as a whole.

Our Principles:

  • Quality is a management responsibility.
  • Quality is a process that never stops.
  • We invest in the training and development of our employees at all levels.
  • We encourage our employees to be independent, creative and passionate.
  • Our customers can see our transparent quality management system.
  • We work collaboratively with our customers, based on reliability and trust.
  • Wherever they are in the world, all our facilities apply the same quality management systems.