As a good corporate citizen, we promote socially and environmentally conscious mindset among our stakeholders. An Edelmann product is more than packaging – it stands for transparent supply chain, social inclusion and minimized environmental footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility also means providing answers: 
to the most significant questions of our times.

Quality is our most important promise. It applies to our products and processes, but equally to our company ethics. Since the family company was established in 1913, the issue of “global responsibility” has shaped the way we think and act as a business. This is reflected in the continuity of the economic, environmental and social measures taken by the Edelmann Group across all of our international locations.

We measure ourselves as a packaging manufacturer by our customers' satisfaction. It’s in our shared interest to behave responsibly when it comes to the precious resources that we process and use around the world. We support all our customers by developing packaging made from cardboard, an environmentally friendly, compostable and recyclable material, as well as by employing production technologies that reduce waste and energy-intensive steps in the production chain. 

It’s very important to us that the standards we set here apply at the same high level to all Edelmann Group locations around the world.

We are proud to be recognized with a Gold status by EcoVadis, the leading sustainability ranking worldwide, as well as “A-” rating by CDP Climate Change, remaining in the leadership tier for the third consecutive year.
Our Sustainability Roadmap focuses on the four key pillars: energy and emissions, raw materials and supply chain, social inclusion as well as employee development and engagement. Our commitments are further supported by external validations, such as Science-Based Target (SBT) for emissions reduction. In order to communicate our progress, we publish the annual Sustainability Report following the GRI guidelines. Our ambitions remain strong, commitments transparent and execution well on track.  

Human Resources

The Edelmann Group: we are 3,000 heads – and hearts.

We are successful because we have a strong team. And we have a strong team because we do everything we can to ensure that every person who works with us feels at home in the company and is happy. One of the most important resources is our dedicated employees. This is why we treat them all with the greatest respect, managing them and nurturing them as partners and taking into account their individual interests.

Our sustainability strategy is what secures the future of our company – and thus also the jobs of our employees over the long term. We take our corporate responsibility seriously. It’s particularly important to us that we promote and respect our employees’ employability, self-reliance and work-life balance.  

Naturally, as an international company, we consistently apply the principles of the UN Declaration on Human Rights.


Working with precious resources is the very best reason for protecting them.

Within the Edelmann Group, sustainability has always been important. We have always pursued a long-term strategy within our family company, which was established in 1913. This strategy is characterized by the principle of sustainable growth and a commitment to responsible actions when it comes to economic, environmental and social development.

Sustainable business is a central management principle at Edelmann – today more than ever. Our own company’s history has strengthened our conviction that the only way a business can continue to develop positively and be economically successful in the long term is to be fully aligned with the concept of sustainability.

In addition, we have aligned our strategy so that we continue to accompany our customers in their international activities, to develop environmentally innovative packaging solutions and to optimize our sustainable quality standards. 

Not only we work on the environmental improvements of our own operations, but we also strive to proactively support our customers in reducing carbon footprint of their packaging. To enable this, we run a “Customer Sustainability Program” that stands for climate change mitigation, circular economy, efficient use of resources, responsible supply chain and sustainable innovation.


Thinking as an entrepreneur also means acting for the good of the community.

On 2007-12-03, the shareholding family at Edelmann established the “Edelmann Stiftung” – a foundation based in Heidenheim.

The purpose of this charitable foundation is to generate resources to promote art and culture, sport, help for young people and the elderly, public welfare, science and research as well as for the protection and maintenance of historic monuments.  

Since the foundation was established, we have provided over € 285,000 of support to around 100 facilities and projects – primarily in Edelmann’s home town of Heidenheim and the local area.

The institutions supported by the Edelmann foundation include the Zukunftsakademie Heidenheim (promoting enthusiasm for STEM subjects), the Kinderschutzbund Heidenheim e.V. (children’s campaign group) and the Opernfestspiele Heidenheim (opera festival).


Find out how we make a difference - read our Sustainability Report.