Wherever our customers need us, that’s where we are. Globally.

We’re a global player. Today’s world is increasingly digital and globalized. Vast distances, different time zones and cultural diversity are part of our everyday working lives at Edelmann. 

The Edelmann Group serves customers all over the world. To guarantee their products are freely available everywhere, we operate 20 different locations – from North and South America, Mexico and Brazil to Germany, France, Poland and Hungary on to India and China. Each of our locations manufactures to the “High Q Packaging” quality standard – no compromises, no ifs and no buts.

Specifically, this means we ensure the value creation chain at every location is never broken or disrupted. It also means we utilize all available synergies within the Edelmann Group and feed these fully into our processes. From A to Z, from production to logistics.

Bild Heiko Pils.jpg
Heiko Pils
Managing Director
Edelmann Bitterfeld GmbH
Zörbiger Straße
06749 Bitterfeld
Phone.: +49 (0)3493 334-0
Oliver Bruns
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dr. Frank Hornung
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Edelmann GmbH
Steinheimer Straße 45
89518 Heidenheim
Phone.: +49 7321 340-0
Oliver Sattel
Managing Director
Carl Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG
Steinheimer Straße 45
89518 Heidenheim
Phone.: +49 7321 340-0
_71A3260_Dominik Bea_Standorte.png
Dominik Bea
Managing Director
Edelmann Leaflet Solutions GmbH
Werk Leverkusen
Maybachstraße 33
51381 Leverkusen
Phone.: +49 2171 7060-0
_71A3260_Dominik Bea_Standorte.png
Dominik Bea
Managing Director
Edelmann Leaflet Solutions GmbH Werk Lindau
Heuriedweg 37
88131 Lindau
Phone.: +49 8382 9630-0
Sebastian Eschke
Managing Director
Edelmann Norderstedt GmbH
Oststraße 130
22844 Norderstedt
Phone.: +49 40 3259495-01
Rainer Schwan
Plant Management
Edelmann Pharmadruck GmbH
Zeller Straße 25
73235 Weilheim/Teck
Phone.: +49 7023 707-0
Michael Mayerhofer
Plant Manager
Edelmann Wuppertal GmbH
Linderhauser Str. 77-79
42279 Wuppertal
Phone.: +49 202 526060
EB-0016_Luiz Albrecht_Standorte.png
Luiz Fancisco Albrecht
Managing Director
Edelmann Brazil
Av. das Indústrias, 715 Distrito Industrial
Cachoeirinha/RS Cachoeirinha/RS
Phone.: +55 51 2108 - 1313
Davy Qi_Standorte.png
Davy Qi
Vice General Manager
Edelmann (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Packaging & Printing, Ltd.
Beijing-Shunyi-Airport Industrial Zone - C-Zone ZhaoFeng First 27th
101301 Beijing
Phone.: +86 10 60441102
Wolfram Hahn
Managing Director
Edelmann France
12, rue Lavoisier
95300 Pontoise
Phone.: +33 1 34415000
Munish Aggarwal
Plant Management
Edelmann Packaging India Private Limited
Village Surajpur, Haripur Road Dist Solan
HP-174103 Himachal Pradesh, India
Phone.: +91 1792 304 343
_71A3271_Anil Kumar_Standorte.png
Anil Kumar
Managing Director
M.K. PrintPack Pvt. Ltd.
Head Office
201, 2nd Floor, Crystal Paradise
Village Ambivali, Veera Desai Road
Andheri (West)
400 053 Mumbai
Phone.: +912226302744
_71A3212_Alejandro Galvez_Standorte.png
Alejandro Galvez
Managing Director
Edelmann Packaging Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Maíz No. 53, Col. Granjas Esmeralda
C.P. 09810 Iztapalapa, Mexico D.F.
Phone.: +52 55 55822511
DSC_1332_Milosz Glaser_Standorte.png
Miłosz Glaser
Managing Director
Edelmann Poland Sp.z o.o.
3-go Maja Street 8
Hall C7 Millenium Logistic Parks
05-800 Pruszków
Phone.: +48 22 5737 700
Russell Lewis
Managing Director Edelmann USA
Edelmann USA, Inc. California
2150 S. Parco Avenue
91761 Ontario, CA
Phone.: +1 323 669 5700
Russell Lewis
Managing Director Edelmann USA
Edelmann USA, Inc. Tennessee
260 Bennett Drive
38478 Pulaski, TN
Phone.: +1 931 424 2200