“What makes the difference is that we use the latest technology, and our highly motivated employees know exactly what they’re doing. As a result we have efficient production processes that ultimately lead not just to high-quality products but also, and most importantly, to satisfied customers.”


We’re packaging architects providing products with a home.

Cardboard and paper are our building materials. We use them to construct and build, creating individual packaging solutions for a huge range of products. 
The shape is by no means the only thing that matters here. Even more important are functionality, production quality and – particularly in the highly sensitive healthcare market segment – issues such as therapeutic safety and anti-counterfeiting measures.
Every product presents its own particular challenges. And every customer expresses highly specific requirements to our designers and product developers. Yet no matter whether we’re talking about a classic folding box or system packaging, complex shapes or special die cuts: we give each package an individual face and each product a perfect home.


Even for the classic packaging item, there are no standard solutions here. Each folding box is tailor-made for its contents, must fit perfectly and protect securely against damage and spoiling. The box not only communicates all the important information about the product, it also arouses emotions which influence the purchasing decision.
High-quality materials and effects induce desire and turn unboxing into an experience. Intelligent additional functions produce smart solutions. This is how we create our packaging experience.


As a fundamental component of pharmaceutical packaging, the patient information leaflet meets the user’s significant need for safety and information as well as fulfilling increasing legal requirements. They are the perfect product addition to premium packaging. 
Patient information leaflets are an important part of our product portfolio.


The rigid box is a premium, exclusive packaging item covered with a variety of high-quality papers. The rigid box can be used as a storage case or for many other purposes.


We not only supply packaging with integrated laminate film to our customers, but we also include the necessary forming and sealing machines (including annual service) as well as the folding boxes with integrated patient information leaflet and labels. Since everything comes from a single source, unified and brand-appropriate design is assured across all elements.


These cards with integrated little bottles or vials are a perfect way to provide samples of premium cosmetics products – particularly scents. The original sample brings the product to life for the customer.
This makes vial cards, which we offer in a range of designs, the ideal promotional item and an effective and highly efficient sales booster.


Our wet adhesive labels can be found on large numbers of products from renowned food and beverage producers.
The labels, in standard or fancy shapes, can be quickly applied – e.g. to beer or soft drinks bottles. We have an enormous range of design options to underline the particular brand message: from a simple design through eye-catching embossing or die cutting and on to special materials such as metallic paper.


We produce perfect-fit corrugated board boxes for shipping our folding boxes. They are always designed to meet the requirements of the packaged products. For example, boxes for heavy products are made to be particularly robust. These can be embellished and customized using print and finishing to order.


If we can’t make it by machine, we make it by hand. These are our co-packing solutions and we offer them to our customers as a supplementary service, making almost anything possible: we assemble small series of boxes by hand and supply the finished packaging already filled with the product. If it can’t be bonded by machine, we’ll make it as a special construction. 

We stay with your packaging every step of the way: from the initial idea until it reaches the shelves.

When we promise you a full service, we mean it: we offer a complete range of services. And we feel completely responsible for the product throughout the entire process. No ifs, no buts. 


1 Supply Chain Management

Our Supply-Chain Management office plans, controls and manages the quality and speed of all our processes at the highest level. This is the only way we can remain constantly competitive – and can help our customers to support their own competitiveness.


2 Packaging Design & Development

We focus on the packaging and offer our customers a complete range of services from the initial briefing right through to the finished product – in a process combining every discipline necessary.


3 Innovations

We solve real-life packaging problems with every customer order. We do this by closely observing the markets, engaging in active development and acting quickly to turn new trends into innovative solutions.


4 Technologies

You can only be the leader in quality if you’re also a leader in technology. As a driver of innovation, we’re always taking new methods to industrial production maturity, functioning as a development partner to our suppliers and driving forward the entire industry.