When we talk about innovation, we mean packaging solutions that fully meet the individual needs of our customers in terms of design and function. Turning these solutions into reality using the latest machinery guarantees top quality and availability.


We don’t just want to react to others.
We want to act for them. 

Developing creative, customer-focused packaging solutions and finishing effects is our hallmark. We couldn’t do that if we always relied on existing, tried-and-tested formulas. This is why our Research and Development activities in all areas are consistently forward-looking. 
We create folding box designs according to briefings and task specifications, developing packaging solutions that skillfully present the product whilst offering optimum protection. Active development with a close eye on the relevant markets is key here. So we quickly spot, assimilate and implement trends, and not just those pertaining to the packaging industry. 
We’re constantly working on new technologies in collaboration with our suppliers. 

Our range of services in our Technical Design Center includes:
  • Creation of CAD constructions
  • Prototyping 
  • Creation of drawings and specifications
  • 3D representations
  • Machine concept consultation
  • Creation of concepts according to specifications
  • Economic viability studies
  • Pilot production runs
  • Validation of new materials
  • Full service: collaboration with contract packers
  • Serving on juries of several institutions