Joy of Giving for the children's foundation 'Knalltüte'


Joy of Giving for the children's foundation 'Knalltüte'

As we continue to unfold the heartwarming chapters of our Joy of Giving initiative, Heidenheim takes center stage as the third location to share its inspiring contribution.

The Edelmann Group in Heidenheim, Germany, embraced the spirit of giving with open hearts. We are delighted to share that our team joined hands to contribute to the joy of others in our community.

For the children's foundation 'Knalltüte', we donated 77 carefully curated gifts, catering to children of various age groups. Additionally, we included vouchers for local activities to add an extra touch of excitement.

Our furry friends at the local animal shelter were not forgotten! We fulfilled their wishlist, creating delightful surprises for our four-legged companions.

All these heartwarming gestures were made possible through the generous donations of our colleagues at the Heidenheim site, and we couldn't be happier to witness the collective impact.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making a difference. Let's continue spreading joy and creating memorable moments for those around us!