Diwali Delights at Edelmann India


Diwali Delights at Edelmann India

In India, Diwali is the most auspicious celebration and at Edelmann India, we made sure to make it truly special!

Diwali, derived from the word "Deepavali", which means "a row of lights", brought a warm and vibrant glow to our office. We came together to decorate our workspace with beautiful lights and created stunning Rangoli designs to embrace the spirit of this festival of lights.

But the festivities didn't stop there! We shared the joy by gifting each and every one of our incredible employees, spreading love and appreciation throughout our Edelmann family.

Our day was filled with smiles and laughter as we relished a scrumptious and special lunch that was thoughtfully arranged.

To keep the energy high and the excitement rolling, we also organized a thrilling volleyball match for our employees. It was a great way to engage, bond, and add a bit of friendly competition to the celebrations.

Diwali is a time to come together, celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, and create lasting memories. We're grateful for the warmth and unity this festival has brought to our Edelmann India family.

We hope everyone had a happy and prosperous Diwali full of love, light and happiness!