Schulbesuch in Ungarn


Edelmann Hungary - school visit

During the final days of the 2022/23 school year, we had the pleasure of hosting three schools with four classes each at our factory in Hungary. Led by our amazing colleagues, the students embarked on an incredible journey of discovery, diving deep into the world of manufacturing processes and innovative technologies. The visit was an exciting experience for our young guests as they learned about the different functions of design, production and logistics. They got a firsthand look at the vast array of jobs available in our advanced industrial environment. They were able to witness the entire journey, from the initial design phase to the final packaging and boxing of a product they're already familiar with at home! We're thrilled by the interest shown by these curious minds and sincerely hope that they've gained fascinating insights and broadened their horizons through this visit. Rest assured, our program will continue, welcoming even more schools to experience the wonders of our factory.